Smoking Weed Makes You Nicer & Less Greedy, New Study Says

According To New Study, Smoking Weed Makes You Nicer & Less Greedy

According To New Study, Smoking Weed Makes You Nicer & Less Greedy

Good news, stoners! Science is finally backing up what you’ve long known: that smoking weed does, in fact, make you nicer — and less greedy, to boot.

In a recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports, University of New Mexico researchers found evidence that cannabis use makes people more empathetic, as well as less motivated by money.

Though the study focused on the “prosociality” of cannabis use — that is, as the Scientific Reports paper defines it, “the intentional act of advancing the well-being of other people” — lead author Jacob Vigil said that he’s interested in reframing how other researchers approach studying weed as well.

Cannabis research, Vigil told The Paper, has “usually been approached by people that view cannabis use as problematic behavior — from addiction researchers and so forth.”

“They see cannabis users as unmotivated,” he added, “or they see them as addicted, or perhaps believe that they are losing sight of their goals.

It’s never really been approached objectively to see what’s going on before making negative interpretations.”

So there you have it, folks: weed can make you a nicer person, and maybe even less greedy


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