Small Gestures That Show How Sweet BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is Towards The Members And Fans 


This is why Rosé deserves all the love. 

BLACKPINK’s Rosé is not only loved for her beautiful visuals and great talents but also her cute and sweet personality. Knowing well that fans are let down by the fact that BLACKPINK has gone for almost 2 years without a comeback, during her appearance at Tiffany & Co.’s event recently, Rosé revealed: 

blackpink rose

“We are currently working on our next comeback, our next album. We haven’t comeback in a while so we are very excited to be up with new music very very soon. We are very busy caught up in that right now. We don’t want our fans to be too upset, so we’re working very hard. I’m really excited to be back on tour at the end of the year to meet my fans.”

Rose Blackpink
Rosé reassured fans that BLACKPINK is preparing for a comeback and tour 

When BLACKPINK collaborated with Selena Gomez for the single “Ice Cream”, despite being a main vocalist, Rosé didn’t have many lines. This caused Rosé’s solo fandom to be angry. It seems like Rosé knew about this as she posted about the song and asked for everyone to support it. 

blackpink rose
Rosé always knows to makes fans feel better 

Rosé is also very caring towards her fellow members. When Lisa had to limit her activities on social media due to the situation in her home country Thailand, Rosé posted a video with Lisa and added sweet words for the group’s maknae, “You did well Lisa.”

blackpink lisa rose
Rosé asked Lisa to film a video together 

Last year, when Lisa couldn’t post about Rosé’s solo debut early because she was busy filming for “Youth With You”, many toxic fans criticized Lisa for being a “fake friend”. Later, Rosé shared moments of Lisa visiting the filming set of her solo MV to cheer her on. This made fans realize how much BLACKPINK members show love to each other behind the scenes.

blackpink lisa rose
Lisa came to support Rosé at the filming set during her solo debut

When BLACKPINK performed at Coachella, Rosé immediately noticed when Jennie was feeling tired and sang together with her. At the group’s concert, when Jennie encountered a wardrobe malfunction and had to leave the stage, Rosé was also quick to cover Jennie’s part. 

blackpink rose
Rosé always keeps an eye on other members during performances 
Her warm personality is what fans adore her even more


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