“Show Me The Money” rapper was completely paralyzed in a diving accident… “I can’t go to stool on my own”

"Show Me The Money" rapper was completely paralyzed in a diving accident... "I can't go to stool on my own"

Rapper KK, who appeared on “Show Me The Money”, confessed that he was completely paralyzed in an unexpected accident 3 years ago.

In an interview with YouTuber “Current Status Olympics”, which was released on Sep 23rd, KK revealed his current status 3 years after the 2019 diving accident.

KK suffered a cervical spine fracture in a diving accident at a swimming pool in Thailand on Mar 22nd, 2019. Afterwards, he underwent two surgeries and rehabilitation, but failed to restore his senses and exercise ability.

KK said, “I injured the 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae (because of the accident). I was diagnosed with general paralysis because I was a patient with cervical spinal cord injury. I don’t have exercise ability as well as the sense under my armpits. I can’t go to stool on my own, so I have a urine string attached to me. I’m also using suppositories since I can’t excrement myself.”

He added, “The caregiver helps me change postures while sleeping. If I keep lying down, there’s no blood flowing in that area and necrosis occurs. I can’t live alone unless someone takes care of me 24 hours a day.”

KK said he was able to move his arms a little bit after a long period of rehabilitation. He can directly touch his face and can even eat if he uses an aid.

Regarding the hospital bills, he said, “Since I have no insurance in Thailand, the first bill for hospital fees and medicine cost 50 million won, and it gradually went from 60 million to 70 million, 80 million and is still increasing”, adding “It was a huge amount that my family could not support, and it also cost me about 10 million won to be transferred to Korea.”

KK also revealed that he asked people around him for help but suffered from malicious comments. KK explained, “I thought SNS was a personal space, so I went there to ask my acquaintances but it became like I was publicly begging everyone”, adding “However, I didn’t have time to think about such things at that time”.

When asked, “Can you still rap like you did in the past?”, he said, “I thought I wouldn’t be able to rap because I couldn’t use the muscles I needed for vocalization. Then I tried to rap in a different way and gained back my ability little by little”, adding “Through training, I’m getting better in performing fast rap like I used to do although it’s quite tired to do so.”

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