SHINee Key car’s Mercedes-Benz is hilariously discordant with his group’s name 


“You’re SHINee, but why are you driving a matte car?” 

Recently, on various online communities, posts titled “SHINee Key’s car shown in ‘I Live Alone’” were posted as he revealed his car on the show, drawing netizens’ attention. 

Shinee Key

Key’s car is a black Mercedes-Benz’s “AMG GT 4-Door Coupe” model. The price ranges from 130 million won to 240 million won, depending on options.

However, there was something else about Key’s car that drew more attention than its price. It is the fact that Key owns a car with a matte finish instead of shiny, which clashes with his own group’s name, SHINee.

Shinee Key

Netizens showed reactions such as:

  • “His group’s name is ‘SHINee’ but he drives a matte car”
  • “Key be like I shine but not my car”
  • “This is so funny”
  • “He’s SHINee, but owns a non-shiny car”
  • “Is it because Key is the only person who can shine?”
  • “Now I’m curious if other SHINee members drive shiny cars.”

Source: Wikitree


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