Shakira Owes $16 Million In Unpaid Taxes Having A Net Worth Of $300M

Shakira Owing $16M In Unpaid Taxes, May End Up at Trial 

Shakira Owing $16M In Unpaid Taxes, May End Up at Trial  After Losing Her Appeal

Colombian pop star Shakira made headlines in 2018 when she was charged with tax evasion by Spanish prosecutors, who claimed she had avoided paying the government an estimated $16 million in taxes.

Understandably, hearing that the “Waka Waka” had allegedly failed to upkeep her payments with authorities seemed bizarre, considering that Shakira is worth a whopping $300 million, but according to court documents, she had missed paying taxes over a three-year period.

The mother of two willingly put up a fight against Spanish prosecutors, saying that she wouldn’t have had to declare her taxes in Spain since her residence was in the Bahamas from 2012 and 2014, before relocating to Spain the following year. The tax rate is also much lower in the Bahamas, but the Spanish government believes they had enough evidence to prove that Shakira was actually spending most of her time in the southwestern Europe territory.

In a statement by Shakira’s legal team, they explained, “Shakira’s conduct on tax matters has always been impeccable in all the countries she had to pay taxes and she has trusted and followed faithfully the recommendations of the best specialists and advisers.”

In May 2022, a Spanish court had decided to toss out Shakira’s appeal against the case, via Reuters, because there appeared to be “sufficient evidence” to take the issue to trial over what they believed was a clear case of tax fraud.

It was after the appeal was denied that it was also uncovered how Shakira had reportedly been living in the Spanish northern region of Catalonia during the years she was said to have skipped paying her taxes, even though she claimed to have still been living in the Bahamas at the time. A rep for the “Don’t Bother” hitmaker added that they were determined to continue fighting against the decision with solid legal arguments to follow.

With over 80 million records sold, thanks to hit albums such as Laundry Service and She Wolf, it’s not surprising that the 45-year-old has been able to amass a $300 million fortune.


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