Seo In Guk Returns To His Main Job, Singing And Acting In New MV For “MY LOVE”


Seo In Guk made a comeback with “MY LOVE” as a singer after 5 years. 

At 6 PM KST on June 14th, Seo In Guk’s new single album “LOVE&LOVE” was released. The title track “MY LOVE (Feat. Ravi)” is an R&B song with a simple yet addictive piano riff and jazz-style guitar sound.

Ravi’s rap combined with Seo In Guk’s delicate expression of emotions through his sweet vocals makes the song more enjoyable. The perfect harmony of vocals and rap helps “MY LOVE” give off calm and soothing vibes. 


In addition, the sweet lyrics that read, “My love, do you know? / I can’t stand a day without you / “By your love, you’re the only reason I live” also make listeners’ hearts flutter. 

Seo In-guk

Returning to his main job as a singer after 5 years, Seo In Guk also starred in the music video to show off his solid acting skills. He boasted how well he was immersed into the character through his affectionate eyes, creating a sentimental atmosphere. 

Seo In-guk

Seo In Guk’s “LOVE & LOVE” is an album that contains various emotions of love. The complex and subtle feelings of love, where comedy and tragedy coexist, are melted in understated expression. In addition to the title track “MY LOVE”, the pop song “BE MY MELODY”, in which Seo In Guk himself participated in writing the lyrics, also drew attention. 

Seo In-guk

Source: Daum


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