Seo In Guk and Jung So Min departs for Toronto International Film Festival, “It will be an opportunity for growth”


The major cast of “Project Wolf Hunting” was officially invited to the 47th Toronto International Film Festival.

The movie “Project Wolf Hunting” (directed by Kim Hong Sun), which will be released on September 21st, is a hard-boiled survival action movie in which a brutal rebellion begins in a huge moving prison on the sea that transports brutal criminals from the Pacific to Korea.

Seo In-guk

Talking about his feelings now that his work was invited to an international film festival, director Kim Hong Sun, who previously departed on September 10th for a pre-test screening, expressed, “I felt so honored, as thanks to the path that was paved by Korean film industry seniors, I was able to receive this good opportunity. I am extremely happy that the efforts of so many actors and staff have been recognized. I will actively promote this very hot Korean movie that is suitable for the midnight screening.”

Jung So Min

Meanwhile, Seo In Guk and Jung So Min, who plays two leading characters, also shared their unique feelings about attending overseas film festivals. First of all, Seo In Guk, who took on a strong transformation by playing the first-degree criminal Jong Du, said, “I am very happy to attend the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s my first time going there, so I’m very excited. In particular, I think it will be an opportunity for growth where I can learn a lot and study while watching many works, actors, and directors from other countries.”

Jung So Min, who plays Da Yeon, a detective in charge of the convoy, said, “I am very honored to be invited to the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival. As I am going on behalf of the actors who worked hard together while filming, I will come with my love and responsibility for ‘Project Wolf Hunting’.”

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Meanwhile, Jang Dong Yoon, who plays the role of Do Ji, a criminal who must return to Korea, is scheduled to depart for Toronto on the 15th. The actor said, “I had fun filming, and I’m grateful to have made it to overseas film festivals. we hope that the director and the production team will have a happy time because there is a good response from domestic fans.”

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