Seo Hyun Jin and other leading Korean actresses who had the biggest breakthrough in 2022


The first half of 2022 delivered various impressive, strong, and stunning K-drama female leads.

Kim Ji Won

The JTBC K-drama “My Liberation Notes”, which boasted a not overwhelmingly popular cast and a somber atmosphere during its initial episodes, did not manage to raise expectations when it started to air.

Kim Ji Won

In addition, both of Kim Ji Won’s previous performances, in “Arthdal Chronicles” and “Lovestruck In The City”, did not manage to hit it big, leading to low anticipation for her comeback project. 

Kim Ji Won

However, “My Liberation Notes” proves itself to be a dark horse, with a healing yet thought-provoking script and brilliant acting that can move the audience to the core. In addition, despite having little to no skin ship, the chemistry between the main couple was over the roof, super healthy and moving. 

Kim Ji Won

As a result, viewership ratings for “My Liberation Notes” continuously rises, while Kim Ji Won and other cast members become the most buzz-worthy in Korea. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that 2022 has so far been a successful year for actress Kim Ji Won.

Seo Hyun Jin

In her latest work “Why Her?” (also known as “Why Oh Soo Jae”), where she stars alongside Hwang In Yeop, Seo Hyun Jin has managed to completely blow everyone away. 

seo hyun jin why her

After the success of “Dr. Romantic”, Seo Hyun Jin’s later projects like “You Are My Spring” and “The Beauty Inside” weren’t well received, with low viewership and low discussion.

However, “Why Her” has been a complete game-changer for this talented actress. Appearing as the headstrong, capable, and gorgeous female lead Oh Soo Jae, Seo Hyun Jin quickly becomes the talk of town.

Seo Hyun-jin

At the moment, “Why Her” is seeing ratings in the double digits – among the highest of ongoing K-dramas. If the drama managed to maintain such performance, 2022 will be a resounding year for actress Seo Hyun Jin. 

Seo Ye Ji

In 2022, Seo Ye Ji managed to make a strong return to the industry after her gaslighting scandal. While she already became a star after “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”, the scandal caused the actress to lose her prestige, and as such, Seo Ye Ji has a lot to prove in this comeback project. 

seo ye-ji

And the actress has surely proven herself in “Eve” – a vengeful, female-centric K-drama where Seo Ye Ji steals the show. 

seo ye-ji

With both beauty and talent, the actress managed to make drastic transformations and deliver an astounding variety of emotions. “Eve” is a true testament to Seo Ye Ji’s greatness as an actress. 

Kim Se Jeong 

Overcoming prejudice against idol-actresses is Kim Se Jeong, who manages to establish herself via various acting roles in “School 2017”, “I Wanna Hear Your Song”, and “The Uncanny Counter”.

A Business Proposal-Kim Se Jeong

In 2022, the idol-actress has made headlines across the net with “Business Proposal”, where she plays a cheerful, positive, and hilarious fake-dating partner of Ahn Hyo Seop. With her natural acting and overflowing chemistry, the couple manage to steal the hearts of all audiences. 

A Business Proposal-Kim Se Jeong

During its air, “Business Proposal” continuously topped Korean and international charts, and even now, remains a most-watched drama in various countries, proving its extensive popularity.

In July, Kim Se Jeong will once again return to the K-drama world with “Today’s Webtoon”, sparking even higher expectations 

Source: Dienanh


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