Seel In Ah, whole middle school clothes still fit perfectly, how to take care of your body?


Actress Seol In Ah introduced her special clothes.

On September 11th, Seol In Ah posted several photos on Instagram with the caption, “The jersey my mom bought me in middle school. It’s more than 10 years old. I can still wear it now. Here’s a photo.

In the published photo, Seol In Ah can be seen going out on an outing in the same jersey she got in middle school. The actress’ beauty and body, which can perfectly digest any kind of outfit, easily draws attention.

seol in ah instagram

On the other hand, Seol In Ah, who gained recognition via various works like “Mr. Queen” and “Business Propral”, is set to appear in the KBS2’s new drama, “Oasis”, which will be broadcasted in 2023. The series will also feature actors Jang Dong Yoon and Chu Young Woo.

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