“Runway look”, Kim Dami shows a visual that shook Europe 


Actress Kim Dami who visited Milan Fashion Week shows an elegant beauty that captured the attention of Italian fans 

On September 21st (local time), famous actress Kim Dami attended the Fendi Show of the 2022 Milan Fashion Week, which was held at the Fendi Showroom in Milan, Italy.

kim dami

Here, the moment Kim Dami got out of her car, heated shouts erupted from local fans, as the actress left everyone paralyzed with her stunning entrance. Kim Dami then posed for a moment in front of present reporters, before entering the show as if walking down a fashion runway.

In addition, the actress’ fashionista side was also in full display, as Kim Dami exuded an elegant beauty through her outfit consisting of a gray skirt, as well as a matching jacket and knee-length stockings.

kim dami

Below are several photos of Kim Dami’s stunning appearance.

Source: nate


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