Roddy Ricch Says ‘Fuck The NYPD’ During Performance After Being Freed

Roddy Ricch Says 'Fuck The NYPD' After Being Released From Jail 

Roddy Ricch Says ‘Fuck The NYPD’ After Being Released From Jail

Dreddsworld reported earlier that Roddy Ricch was arrested for gun possession minutes before he was scheduled to perform at the Governor’s Ball in NYC.

Roddy and his entourage were stopped at a security checkpoint at the big festival, which has been set up in Queens, New York.

The Compton rapper was later released and all the charges were dropped. According to the New York Daily News,  the case was dismissed in its entirety.

Not long after his release, Roddy Ricch was back on stage performing and he had a message for the NYPD. “Fuck the NYPD” he said multiple times during his performance and the crowd chanted it with him.

He was originally said to be facing four charges: possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device and unlawful possession thereof, as well as criminal possession of a weapon.

According to local law enforcement sources, officers claimed that they found a loaded firearm inside of the vehicle that was carrying Roddy and his team to the show. Police say there were about nine rounds of ammo in the vehicle as well, plus a large capacity magazine.

Upon the discovery, police immediately arrested Roddy, along with two other members of his team in the vehicle.


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