Related to the arrest of a celebrity in his 40s, a famous actor who is well-known for his good deeds is also summoned

Related to the arrest of a celebrity in his 40s, a famous actor who is well-known for his good deeds is also summoned

A male actor in his 40s, who is said to have appeared in various works, was recently arrested by police on charges of taking drugs.

According to the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on Sep 10th, A was arrested at his home in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at 2 p.m. on the same day, and a simple drug test showed that he was positive for drugs.

Earlier, the police were dispatched after receiving a report saying, “A man who looks like he is high on drug is running around,” and arrested A on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

Park Hae-jin drug addict

At the time of his arrest, A reportedly had unstable speech and behavior, and vomiting marks around his mouth.

When the news broke out, it was reported that male actor A made his debut as a supporting actor in a terrestrial drama in 2006 and has appeared as the main and supporting actor in several movies and dramas.

Park Hae-jin drug addict

There were various speculations online about A’s identity, and some predicted that A would be Park Hae-jin. 

Park Hae-jin’s agency announced in response, “We will take legal action against any case of groundless rumors or false facts.”

In the case of Park Hae-jin, the controversy soon escalated because he is known as an exemplary actor who was even awarded the Minister of Public Administration and Security Award for his efforts to improve the treatment of firefighters.

In the end, Park Hae-jin’s agency, Artist Company, said today (11th) that those rumors were “groundless.” 

Park Hae-jin drug addict

The agency said, “We recently confirmed through online communities and SNS that false information claiming actor Park Hae-jin was related to the male actor in his 40s who was arrested on charges of drug use is spreading indiscriminately.”

Park Hae-jin drug addict

“If this spread of false information continues, we will take strong legal action against those who wrote and distributed such information,” he warned. “We will continue to take strong action against malicious actions such as spreading false information and malicious rumors to protect the honor and rights of our actors.” 

Following Park Hae Jin, Lee Moo-saeng was also mentioned to be A.

The agency of Lee Moo-saeng’s agency, who is rumored to be A, also stressed on its official SNS, “Actor Lee Moo-saeng clearly reveals that he has nothing to do with this case, and if this spread of groundless false information continues, we will take a strong response through legal procedures.”

Park Hae-jin drug addict

Various speculations are still going rampant as the identity of male actor A in his 40s has not yet been disclosed.

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