“Recognize Problematic Scenes, Visit Religious Order, Display Formal Apology”


JTBC’s “Insider” apologized for the scenes denigrating the Jogye Order.

An official from JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Insider” told Newsen on June 15th, “JTBC’s production team visited the religious order. We want to deliver this apology as we realized that the scenes and background could give a sufficiently distorted impression. The scenes that could be misleading were deleted, corrected and re-posted. In episodes 3 and 4, we decided to display a formal apology for the scenes denigrating the Jogye Order.”


In episode 1 of “Insider”, which aired on June 8th, the scenes where monks and gamblers gathered at the temple’s Buddhist sanctuary to play illegal gambling with a large amount of money lasted for about 15 minutes.


In response, the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism’s Religious Peace Committee issued a statement on June 9th, saying, “It is a clear defamation and disservice to organize a broadcast that disparaging and insulting Buddhists and Buddhist monks.”


As a result of checking on June 14th, it is impossible to replay “Insider” episode 1 on the OTT platform TVING.

Source: daum


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