Reaction Of “Hangout With Yoo” Members When They Couldn’t Find Mi-joo In Lovelyz’s Old Stage Video 


Mi-joo mentioned the performance during Lovelyz days in which she did not get much attention.

On the June 11th broadcast of MBC’s variety show “Hangout with Yoo“, Lee Mi-joo looked back on her group activities while watching old videos.

mijoo lovelyz

After watching WSG Wannabe’s “Wonderful Love” stage video, Kim Sook said that the ending poses of former girl group members seem to stand out.

mijoo lovelyz

Lee Mi-joo said, “Every time I performed ‘Ah-Choo’, I made a different ending pose. There must have been excitement at the beginning of my debut. I put Lovelyz’s ‘L’ on my lips.

mijoo lovelyz

When the video clip of Mi-joo during Lovelyz days was released, “Hangout with Yoo” members were taken aback. Everyone asked, “Where are you?“, “I can’t find you” and “Is the camera director not catching you or what?

mijoo lovelyz

Mi-joo confessed, “I was always in the back. My part only had one line.” Haha cheered, “That’s why I’m rooting for you more.

mijoo lovelyz

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