Rapper Mad Clown’s divorce is belatedly reported today 

Rapper Mad Clown’s divorce is belatedly reported today 

Mad Clown has called it quits with his wife, but no one knew until today. 

Rapper Mad Clown’s agency, Sameside Company, announced on September 22nd that Mad Clown and his wife got divorced last year, putting an end to their five-year marriage. 

According to the agency, the two have completed the divorce proceedings by consultation. His ex-wife has custody of their son. After their split, the two are still constantly communicating for co-parenting. 

Mad Clown added, “I was careful about revealing my divorce because my ex-wife is a commoner and our child is still young.”

Other than the above statement, the exact reason for the divorce was not disclosed. 

Mad Clown met his non-celebrity ex-wife through the introduction of rapper DinDin in 2013 and got married in 2016. In 2017, they welcomed their first son. 

Source: wikitree


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