Rain And Kim Tae-hee Got 30 Billion In A Year…120 Billion Worth Of Real Estate Was Rejected


It has been confirmed that the market price of the building owned by actors Rain and Kim Tae-hee near Gangnam Station in Seoul has risen by more than 30 billion won in a year.

According to the real estate industry on Jun 13th, the market price per 3.3m2 meters (1 pyeong) of buildings near Gangnam Station in Seoul has soared to about 800 million~900 million won. This is up 30% from last year.

As a result, the market price of the building owned by Rain and Kim Tae-hee is estimated to be at least 120 billion won. In June last year, the two purchased a building on the boulevard of Gangnam Station in Seoul at 620 million won per pyeong and a total of 92 billion won, which will allow them to expect profits of 30 billion won to 40 billion won in a year.

Rain and Kim Tae-hee got 30 billion in a year

A real estate official told Money Today, “The roadside buildings near Gangnam Station now cost nearly 900 million won per pyeong. Even if it comes cheap, it is worth 800 million won. In general, it has gone up about 30%,” he said. “There’s no possibility that Rain and Kim Tae-hee will sell their building now, but they can look forward to a huge profit.”

The building owned by Rain and Kim Tae-hee is located in a busy area that is a two-minute walk from Gangnam Station. It has two basement floors and eight ground floors, with a land area of 147 pyeong (486m2,) and a floor area of 881 pyeong (2,904m2).

A dermatology, dentistry, oriental medicine clinics, and cafes are reportedly located inside this building, and the monthly rent alone is more than 200 million won. The total amount of the lease deposit is about 3.3 billion won.

The stake is owned by a limited company represented by Rain and the rest by Kim Tae-hee. The couple has reportedly borrowed about 45 billion won while purchasing the building.

Rain and Kim Tae-hee got 30 billion in a year

Rain and Kim Tae-hee have earned tens of billions of won in capital gains from real estate investments. Kim Tae-hee sold the building in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul, which she bought for 13.2 billion won, for 20.3 billion won in March last year, making a profit of 7 billion won.

Their building in Cheongdam-dong, which was purchased for 16.8 billion won in 2008, was sold for 45.9 billion won at the end of June last year.

Source: Nate


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