“Privilege of a pregnant woman”… Honey Lee, enjoying high-calorie donuts during pictorial shoot


Actress Honey Lee shared her recent status as a happy pregnant woman.

Honey Lee recently uploaded a video titled “Unnie is a professional, with JOY” on her YouTube channel “Honey Mohani”.

This video contains the behind-the-scenes of Honey Lee’s maternity pictorial shoot, which has recently become a hot topic. Honey Lee drew a lot of attention by revealing her beautiful D-line with her unique confident and dignified charm.

honey lee

Honey Lee recharged her stamina by eating high-calorie donuts when filming was off. Seeing Honey Lee happy while savoring sweet and soft custard cream donuts, the staff around her continued to exclaim.

honey lee

Looking at the large-sized donuts filled with cream, Honey Lee admired, “They know how to make people gain weight.” She added “Do you see this? The privilege of a pregnant woman. Enjoy it everyone. I’ll try this on behalf of you all” and took a big bite, making viewers envious.

honey lee

Meanwhile, Honey Lee announced marriage to her non-celebrity husband at the end of last year. Shortly after that, she announced her pregnancy. She is due to give birth this month.

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