“Princess, why are you so pretty?” TWICE Nayeon showed explosive cuteness with aegyo


TWICE Jeongyeon released a video celebrating the birthday of her fellow member Nayeon. 

On September 22nd, Jeongyeon posted a video on her Instagram story with the caption, “Happy birthday princess”. 

The published video shows Nayeon wearing hair curlers on her bangs in the dressing room. Jeongyeon asked her, “Why are you so pretty, Princess?’, to which Nayeon made a cute expression and answered, “Princess” is originally pretty. 

Fans who saw the video showed enthusiastic responses through comments like, “So cute”, “That’s right”, and “Our princess is the best.”

In addition, Jeongyeon also uploaded a lot of selfies with Nayeon, where the latter showed off her unique fresh charm. Jeongyeon also added captions like, “I like this one” and “You took a lot of pictures.”

On the other hand, TWICE released their 11th mini album “BETWEEN 1&2” last month and promoted the title song “Talk that Talk”.

Source: wikitree


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