“Please avoid impersonation of artists on SNS”


Many people were scammed by accounts pretending to be celebrities on SNS. 

J Wide Company, which manages various famous Korean actors and actresses, including Kim So Yeon, Jin Seo Yeon, Lee Bo Young, Chun Ho Jin, Lee Sang Yoon, Oh Min Seok, and Choi Daniel, recently gave their stan on SNS impersonation. 

Kim So-yeon Lee Sang-yoon

On June 20th, J,Wide Company issued the the following statement through its SNS account: 

“Hello, this is J,Wide Company,

Recently, there have been reports that a number of SNS accounts impersonating our artists have been opened.

Actors from J,Wide Company do not operate any Instagram account other than the personal account followed by our official company SNS account, and we would like to inform you that there are no cases of our artists contacting fans personally or asking for personal information, money, or others. Please be aware of this issue and make sure not to fall for the schemes of these impersonation accounts.

We will do our best to prevent further damages through continuous monitoring.

Thank you.”

Kim So-yeon Lee Sang-yoon

Recently, there has been a rise in cases of scams through impersonating celebrities, leading to this statement from J,Wide Company. 

Source: Daum


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