Pest Control Company Offers To Pay $2K To Let 100 Cockroaches Into Home

North Carolina Pest Control Company Pays $2,000 To Let 100 Cockroaches Into Your Home

North Carolina Pest Control Company Pays $2,000 To Let 100 Cockroaches Into Your Home For 30 Days

A North Carolina-based pest control company says it will pay $2,000 to anyone who will allow them to release 100 cockroaches into their home to conduct a study.

The study requires homeowners to allow 100 roaches to remain in their homes for 30 days as a product is being tested.

The Pest Informer posted on its website that they are looking for five to seven participants to allow technicians to release 100 American cockroaches into their homes. In addition to releasing the insects into the homes, the technicians will use a particular technique as part of a study but the process will take 30 days.

Rules of the study include the homeowner to be 21 years or older, written permission to film and use the home, and must be located within the United States. While the study is being conducted, homeowners are not allowed to use other pest-control techniques for the time being.

If the product used in the study does not get rid of the infestation within 30 days then the homeowner can use other techniques at no cost.

“We have over 20 years in the industry working as pest control technicians and owning our own pest control companies, so we know a thing or two about getting rid of pests. That being said, as technology advances, we’re always looking for the newest and greatest ways to get rid of pests (cockroaches specifically).”

Several people have applied for the study already but many others have opposed the idea. According to Patch, over 100 people have applied for the study so far and they are leaving the applications open for a month.


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