Park Myung-soo on the malicious comments towards BoA on “Street Man Fighter”: “Clear the suspicion and ask for support”


Park Myung-soo talked about BoA who was damaged by malicious comments.

KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo‘s Radio Show,” which aired on September 23rd, spent some time to look at this week’s hot keywords with big data expert Jeon Min-ki.

One of the keywords prepared by Jeon Min-ki was BoA. Recently, when a strong candidate for the championship was eliminated from the Mnet dance survival “Street Man Fighter“, BoA and other judges were attacked by waves of malicious comments.

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Some netizens wrote comments that cross the line, saying, “Don’t be the judge anymore, I’m embarrassed. I hope you won’t appear next season,” “Who are you to be the judge of SMF’?” “Can you dance better than them?” and “Did you receive money behind their back?”

Park Myung-soo said, “As a fan, I understand their regret about the result. Due to the characteristics of a survival program, someone gets eliminated and someone continues to the next round. It is true that the result is a bummer, but remarks that cross the line and malicious comments should not be made. Things like that prevents the program from developing,” he said.


In response, Jeon Min-ki added that BoA’s agency, SM Entertainment, had revealed its position and said it would take legal action against defamation and personality insulting posts and comments on various online communities and her SNS.

Jeon Min-ki also said that BoA recently left a message saying, “I’m tired.”

The two continued, “Please don’t doubt the fair progress of the show.” Jeon Min-ki said, “I hope BoA doesn’t get hurt too much. You should refrain from malicious comments that go overboard even if you have opinions that are different from theirs.”


Park Myung-soo said, “Fair screening or rules can be damaged by malicious comments or such. Just stir up a lot of attention so that they can judge fairly,” he said, adding, “Even if it had happened in the past, there’s no such thing these days. We ask for your encouragement and support to make a better stage.”

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