Out of this world… More Vision

Jay Park

It has been known that Kakao invested in More Vision, an agency founded by Jay Park.

Citing sources from the IT investment industry on June 15th, Maeil Business Newspaper reported that Kakao Entertainment recently invested in More Vision, a new dance agency founded by Jay Park in March, and secured a 20% stake.

More Vision is a dance agency founded by Jay Park. Mnet “Street Woman Fighter” winning team HolyBang’s leader Honey J and the dance crew MVP belong to it.

More Vision

Kakao Entertainment said, “CEO Jay Park is an artist with talents in various fields such as singing and producing. We invested in More Vision to form various types of business partnerships. However, More Vision will not be incorporated as a subsidiary of Kakao Entertainment.”

News1 reported on June 16th that Kakao Entertainment, which recently invested in More Vision, is focusing on overseas content businesses and targeting the music business represented by “K-pop” as well as the webtoon and web novel market in North America.

Source: Wikitree


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