“Our Blues” Deaf Actress Lee So-byul Reveals Couple Photos Taken With Actor Baek Seung-do


Another couple from tvN’s “Our Blues” has been born.

On June 14th, actress Lee So-byul posted on her Instagram Story the message, “The ending for the coy Byul and persistent Ki-joon?”. Lee So-byul played the deaf character named Byul and performed alongside Baek Seung-do, who played Ki-joon.

Lee So-byul

Many viewers thought Ki-joon liked Byul’s older sister Dal-i (Jo Hye-jung), but it turned out that he fell in love with Byul. Ki-joon tried to express his feelings but Byul responded coldly. As “Our Blues” ended on June 12th, fans of the drama also showed interest in the two’s love line.

Lee So-byul

Lee So-byul posted a behind-the-scenes photo in which she was making a heart sign with Baek Seung-do along with the caption “Tada~! Our love finally succeded”. She then delivered her greeting to the viewers, saying “Byul and Ki-joon have had a happy and sweet time in Pureung Village. Happy Ending. Everyone, thank you for loving the couple of Byul and Ki-joon”.

Lee So-byul

Meanwhile, Noh Hee-kyung’s “Our Blues” broke their own rating record by recording an average nationwide rating of 14.6% (peak 17.3%) and 15.7% in the Seoul area (peak 18.6%) with their final episode, which was aired on June 12th. (Data provided by Nielsen Korea)

Source: Nate


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