“Oh Eun-young’s Report”: Silent 10-year married couple… “Talking only through text messages for 5 years”

"Oh Eun-young's Report": Silent 10-year married couple... "Talking only through text messages for 5 years"

A silent 10-year married couple appeared.

On the June 6th episode of MBC’s “Oh Eun-young’s Report: Marriage Hell” (hereafter referred to as Oh Eun-young‘s Report), a 10-year married couple, who said they are hesitating to divorce because they have 7-year-old twin children, appeared.

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This couple appeared with the modifier “a couple belonging to the top 4.3% of Korea”. So Yoo-jin explained, “The proportion of couples who do not talk for even 5 minutes a day is 4.3%.” They are a couple who do not talk to each other.

oh eun young report

The husband confessed, “You don’t know what’s going on in my house. It’s too awkward to see my wife’s face.” The wife said, “We don’t usually talk. Even though we’re in the same house, we communicate via text messages.”

oh eun young report

The wife went on to say, “I think it’s been about 4~5 years since we talked only through text messages.” Then she explained the reason, “After our children understood what people were saying, we stopped talking. We didn’t want our children to understand our conversations. That’s why we kept our mouths shut. But it’s frustrating not to say anything, and we have to express our thoughts. That’s why we’re talking through text messages.”

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