Nobody Knows What They Are Up To


The schedule of BLACKPINK members are always shrouded in mystery.

As ambassadors for various luxury brands, BLACKPINK continuously travel overseas throughout their career. However, despite drawing attention no matter where they go, nobody knows what each BLACKPINK member is up to, and they just randomly appear in different parts of the world.

Recently, BLACKPINK Jisoo suddenly appeared all the way in Spain. However, there’s no information about her flight, airport appearance, nor schedule. This Spain trip was a complete surprise to all Jisoo stans, seeing that the female idol was just spotted attending the concert of Cosmic Girls and checking in with the group member Bona just a day prior. 

the most mysterious Kpop group
Jisoo was together with Cosmic Girls Bona just a day before her appearance in Spain
The female idol even brought candies to share with fans 

As of the moment, some netizens are speculating that Jisoo is in Spain to attend a Cartier exhibition, while others argue the idol is there for a Dior event. Nevertheless, with no announcement nor information, Jisoo’s actual schedule remains a mystery. 

A fan ran into Jisoo at a restaurant in Spain
The female idol also recently updated a photo of herself in the European nation
According to fans, Jisoo is there either for a Cartier or Dior event 

On June 13th, 2022, Jennie also made a surprise appearance on the cover of W Korea. Nonetheless, many fans already knew of this schedule, after seeing a teaser video from W Korea and recognizing Jennie’s vibes and features. 

Fans easily recognized Jennie from W Korea’s “Guess Who” video
The not-so-surprising appearance of Jennie on the latest cover of W Korea  
Jennie’s perfect physique easily draws eyes 

Prior to this, Rosé and Lisa also took fans by complete surprise when they appeared at the London event of Tiffany & Co., and the Paris event of Bvlgari, respectively. Just like the case of Jisoo, no announcement was made for both of the members, leading to two shocking appearances. 

blackpink rose
Rosé’s outstanding appearance at the London event of jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. 
blackpink lisa
Meanwhile, Lisa also suddenly showed up at Bvlgari’s event in Paris

While attending Tiffany & Co.’s exhibition, Rosé teased about the upcoming comeback of BLACKPINK. However, many netizens and fans are worried that this will be BLACKPINK’s last group project, seeing that the group’s contract with YG entertainment will expire next year. 

It has been over 1 year and 8 months since BLACKPINK’s last release as a group, and Kpop fans are even joking that the girl group has been the first to “enlist”. Over this hiatus, however, all members of BLACKPINK have been packed and busy with their random appearances and schedules, which never fail to surprise fans.  

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