No Significant Threats Or Adverse Circumstances Have Been Testified, Han Seo-hee’s Testimonies Might Be Damaged In “Yang Hyun-suk’s Trial”


Han Seo-hee’s testimony, which claimed she have been threatened by Yang Hyun-suk, was questionable.

Han Seo-hee, who claimed herself as a victim of YG Entertainment’s former CEO Yang Hyun-seok‘s violation of the law on aggravated punishment of certain crimes (such as threats of retaliation) was present at the court as a witness on Jun 13th.

Han Seo-hee

Han Seo-hee complained of unfairness before the trial. Han Seo-hee said, “I happened to be famous. This has become a public gossip, and my personal information was released a day after the official report. Since the last trial, many malicious articles have come out and I hope that they won’t frame me and disrupt my nature. I will expose the guilt of the accused.”

han seo hee

However, Han Seo-hee’s testimony lost its light in the cross-examination that followed during the trial. In the past 20 police and prosecution investigations and the forensic photos in her phone, her testimony and messenger chat log contradicts with her testimony at the trial. Above all, the testimony of the most important content, which is the threat, “Killing one of you is no work at all,” was also not included in the media’s article reported along with the 2019 public report. Han Seo-hee later testified that she remembered that sentence while being investigated by the police.

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Han Seo-hee said, “I saw the public report, but I didn’t read it carefully. I didn’t think such a document would be a threat, but I knew it later because you said it was a threat. I couldn’t think of it when I wrote it. Later, the police tried to remind me of my memory during the investigation, and that remark suddenly came to mind. I don’t think I delivered it well to lawyer Bang Jung-hyun,” he said.

Han Seo-hee

Han Seo-hee’s testimonies regarding her photo in the bathroom is also very unusual. Han Seo-hee testified that the person who took away her cell phone and threatened her gave it back to her before taking her to the bathroom. At the time of Yang’s threat, there were two toilets on the same floor, but she testified that she had to take the elevator and use the bathroom on the floor where the employees were. Former CEO Yang Hyun-seok and Defendant B said in the investigation that Han Seo-hee did not go to the bathroom.

Han Seo Hee

Former representative Yang Hyun-seok questioned whether Han Seo-hee’s reversal of testimony was not due to his threats, but to hide her sins. Han Seo-hee was arrested by a tip-off from drug dealer A, and A testified that Han Seo-hee purchased LSD and marijuana. She tried to appeal, “My statement after the public report is correct. I talked about the Kakao Talk conversation with Kim Han-bin and how I gave him LSD for the first time, and I’m frustrated because none of it was left in the report. When I was first investigated by the police, I didn’t make any statement about B.I’s case yet, which is why CEO Yang Hyun-seok couldn’t have called me to reverse the statement.”

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Han Seo-hee’s mobile phone recorded a text message to Defendant B a month after being threatened and a phone call to former CEO Yang Hyun-seok two months later. Han Seo-hee said she did not know that she contacted B and that she did not remember calling CEO Yang Hyun-seok because she was drunk.

Yang hyun suk

Han Seo-hee then claimed that she took a photo of an internal pamphlet while B was guarding the bathroom on the day she was threatened. The court asked why she took the photo and why there was no sound when she took it or any KakaoTalk or text to send it. Han Seo-hee said, “I can’t remember if I made any sound when I took the photo. I just thought I had to take a photo to leave proof that I came here.” When Han Seo-hee said she couldn’t remember, a prosecutor with the same phone model as Han Seo-hee took a photo herself to let the whole court hear the sound.

Questions from the court continued. The court questioned that CEO Yang Hyun-seok was not aware of her statement to the police about B.I at the time of the threat. Han Seo-hee said, “Yang Hyun-seok knew that B.I and I were involved in drugs, but he didn’t seem to know that I told the police. At that time, when B showed Yang Hyun-seok the contents of the KakaoTalk that B and I shared, evidence that B couldn’t escape came out, so he got angry and asked me to reverse his statement,” she continued her consistent statement.

yang hyun suk

With Han Seo-hee’s testimony adding to the doubt, attention is focused on how Han Seo-hee’s testimony will affect the conviction of former representative Yang Hyun-seok.

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