Netizens Are In Love With Han So Hee’s Bare Face In Her Latest Instagram Selfie 


Han So Hee boasts unrivaled visuals even without makeup. 

Han So Hee is popular among rising actresses for her Instagram feed that gives off sexy, cool, and charismatic vibes. Han So Hee’s account is often referred to as “Instagram goals” because of her sensuous selfies. On June 12th, Han So Hee updated her Instagram with a new selfie and it immediately drew attention.

In the photo, Han So Hee wears a sleeveless white top. She looks expressionless while holding a cute doll in her arms. Despite being bare-faced, her flawless skin and sexy yet innocent aura capture netizens’ hearts. 

han so hee instagram

Netizens showed enthusiastic reactions by leaving comments such as “How can you look so pretty?”, “You take really good selfies”, “Please post more photos”, “Instagram genius Han So Hee”.

han so hee instagram

Han So Hee made her acting debut in the 2017 drama “Reunited Worlds”, and has since appeared in popular dramas such as “The World of the Married”, “Nevertheless”, and “My Name”. She was recently confirmed to lead Netflix’s upcoming drama “Kyeongseong Culture” alongside Park Seo Joon. 

Han So-hee

Source: wikitree


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