“My You” – Jungkook Giving ARMY A Sweet Gift On BTS’s 9th Birthday


Jungkook touching ARMYs’ hearts with “My You”.

On BTS’s birthday (June 13), the youngest Jungkook sent ARMY the song “My You” produced and performed by himself. 

My You

Sharing about his feelings when making “My You”, the male idol said, “Every time I think of all of you, these feelings that stir inside me are so overwhelming that I have occasionally thought, ‘What if all of this disappears? Or what if this is all a dream?’”.

“So I composed this song based on those thoughts, and I attempted to fill the lyrics with nice words since I was afraid the song’s vibe may become too depressing. This song is written exclusively for you, and I hope that it will provide hope, light, and strength to both me, who wrote the song, and you, who listen to it.” – he added.

My You is a Korean – English song that Jungkook gave to ARMYs who have been by his side for the past 9 years. Therefore, the video for this song was made as a message that Jungkook sent on behalf of BTS to his fans.

My You
BTS indirectly appeared in the MV in this lovely way!

In particular, the milestones appearing in the MV also have certain meanings:

My You
6:13: June 13 is the official debut date of BTS, it’s been 9 years so far!
My You
3:29: On March 29, 2014, BTS had their first official fan meeting
My You
7:9: September 7 is ARMY’s birthday
My You
6:5: On June 5, 2020, Still With You was released on Soundcloud. This is Jungkook’s solo song, co-produced by male idol and producer Pdogg on BTS’ 7th anniversary.

Even though it’s just a fan song, My You has achieved good results in a short time: My You reached 1 million views in 11 minutes, breaking the record of Falling by JK (25 minutes) to become the fastest audio of a Korean solo artist to reach this milestone. My You then reached 2 million views after 56 minutes since its release, breaking the previous record of Falling by JK (1 hour 36 minutes) to become the fastest Korean solo artist’s audio to reach this milestone.

My You

Source: K14


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