“My Parents And Older Brother Passed Away” Kim Hye-ja, Confessing Her Past Affairs… Lee Byung-hun’s Tears (Our Blues)


“Our Blues” Kim Hye-ja revealed her past affairs to Lee Byung-hun’s questions.

In the final episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues“, which aired on June 12th, Lee Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun) headed to Kang Ok-dong (Kim Hye-ja)’s hometown and climbed the mountain together with her.

our blues

While looking around after arriving at Kang Ok-dong’s hometown, Lee Dong-seok asked, “Where was your house? You don’t know? You haven’t been here?” Kang Ok-dong replied that she just came here once after giving birth to her daughter.

our blues

Lee Dong-seok asked, “Why didn’t you come to your hometown? There must have been your parents and siblings.” Kang Ok-dong answered, “There’s no one.” Then Lee Dong-seok continued to ask, “When did your parents pass away?”

our blues

Kang Ok-dong said, “When I was 6~7 years old. They must have suffered some kind of disease every other year. My sister also died 3 years ago.”

our blues

Lee Dong-seok asked, “Why did you want to come here? To visit your parents’ graves?” Kang Ok-dong replied “My older brother’s, too” and confessed, “He was bitten by a snake while playing with friends. He was buried next to my mom and dad’s graves.”

our blues

It rained while they were coming down from the mountain. Lee Dong-seok carried Kang Ok-dong on his back. Lee Dong-seok said “You’re all skin and bones now”, moving viewers to tears by the heart-warming sight.

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