“My mother is also a small eater”, Sandara Park reveals the snack-like dinner that she ate with her mother 


Sandara Park’s recent Instagram update draws attention. 

On June 21st, Sandara Park shared an interesting anecdote about her mother on her Instagram story, saying, “There is something I forgot, my mother is also a small eater!” The photo that Dara posted shows a small bowl, which has a piece of white rice cake with “first birthday” written on it and five-colored honey rice cake wrapped. 

Sandara Park

Dara explained that she gave her mother the rice cake she got from the first birthday party she attended on the weekend. And her mother’s reaction was, “We don’t need to eat dinner, let’s make dinner with this for the two of us”. Dara added, “So, my mom and I had a delicious dinner.” The amount of rice cake looks like a snack so netizens are surprised by the fact that Dara and her mother shared a dinner together. This means that both Dara and her mother have a small appetite. 

Sandara Park

Meanwhile, Dara recently gathered a lot of attention by having a surprise reunion stage as 2NE1 with CL, Park Bom Park, and Minzy at the Coachella Festival in April.

Source: Dispatch


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