MoneyGangVontae Was Beaten & Had His Chain Snatched Before Being Shot Dead

MoneyGangVontae Was Jumped & Robbed Before He Was Shot Dead 

MoneyGangVontae Was Jumped & Robbed Before He Was Gunned Down

LA drill rapper MoneyGangVontae was gunned down in an NYC pharmacy in broad daylight. The tragedy occurred during a chain-snatching incident in the Bronx.

The disturbing surveillance video, which was obtained by The New York Post, shows several young men mercilessly chase and attack Vontae — whose full name is Avanti Frowner.

The 27-year-old rapper was from Los Angeles, by way of Chicago, IL, and in town for a show performance. The footage shows Vontae and the group of men inside of the Amazing Pharmacy store on East Tremont Avenue, nearby Arthur Avenue, around 3:45 p.m. on Thursday (June 9).

In the clip published online, one of the suspects, who is wearing a white T-shirt and white du-rag, is seen apparently struggling to grab something from Vontae. Soon after, three more suspects rush in through the door to attack him.

Throughout the entire ordeal, pharmacy workers are seen crouching and ducking behind the counter, and then later behind a wall/doorway.

Before gunshots were let off, the suspects are seen on-camera shoving Vontae to the ground, pushing him around and even being beaten with a long umbrella.

After the beating, the suspect wearing the white du-rag walks towards Vontae on the ground and begins firing off at least four shots, leaving him helplessly sprawled out behind the counter, covered in his own blood. The suspects then flee the store, and sources say they in fact made off with Vontae’s chain and money.


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