Mom And Son Kim Hye-ja X Lee Byung-hun Were Seen On The Same Side For The First Time… “Our Blues” Real-time Rating Exceeded 15%


Love-hate mother and son Kim Hye-ja – Lee Byung-hun fought and got angry when being on the same side for the first time in “Our Blues”.

The 19th episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues” (scripted by Noh Hee-kyung/ directed by Kim Yang-hee/ planned by Studio Dragon/ produced by Gtist), which aired on June 11th, ranked 1st place among dramas of the same broadcasting time on all channels with an average nationwide rating of 12.1% (real-time peak 14%) and 13.2% in Seoul (peak 15.2%). In 2049 rating, which measures ratings targeting tvN’s content male and female viewers, “Our Blues” recorded 5.0% in Seoul (peak 5.8%) and 5.6% nationwide (peak 6.4%), surpassing shows of the same broadcasting time on all channels, including terrestrial channels. (Rating data provided by Nielsen Korea)

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In episode 19, Kang Ok-dong (Kim Hye-ja) and Lee Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun) were seen going on a time-limited trip to Mokpo. Lee Dong-seok intended to help Kang Ok-dong do everything she wants to before she dies. He also planned to ask her why she hurt him when he was young and if she felt sorry for that. He asked Kang Ok-dong what else she wanted to do apart from going to his stepfather’s memorial service in Mokpo. Lee Dong-seok was curious when he heard Kang Ok-dong say she wanted to go to “Madang-ri at the end of Mokpo”.

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Lee Dong-seok, who attended the memorial after many twists and turns, got angry when his stepfather’s son Jong-woo (Choi Byung-mo) treated them as uninvited guests. Earlier, Kang Ok-dong memorized the address of Jong-woo’s house despite the thick snow but found no one when they arrived because Jong-woo did not notify her that he had moved to another place a year before. Lee Dong-seok got angry and had a fight with Jong-woo. Jong-woo, who treated Lee Dong-seok as a thief, said his father died because Lee Dong-seok ran away with all of their jewelry and cash. He then poured out rude remarks toward Lee Dong-seok.

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Kang Ok-dong, who was trying to stop the fight, shouted at Jong-won “Your parents didn’t die because of Dong-seok”, adding “I took care of your sick mother for a good 15 years then spent over 10 years taking care of your sịc father like a slave. Give me that money first”. As Jong-woo replied, “He stole more, didn’t he?”, Kang Ok-dong wailed, “He always got beaten up by you and your brother for no reason and his mother was a mistress who worked like a slave. He did more than enough by putting up with all of that. You have no right to badmouth him!”. It was the first time Kang Dong-seok saw his mother, who always stays calm, got so frustrated.

Lee Dong-seok also got to know Kang Ok-dong’s sincere heart for the first time. Lee Dang-seok asked, “Why don’t you say sorry to me for once?”, but Kang Ok-dong calmly said, “There’s nothing for me to be sorry about”. Lee Dong-seok was overwhelmed with complicated emotions because he could not understand his mother.

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Meanwhile, Lee Dong-seok learned about Kang Ok-dong’s unknown life and appearance. The village called “Madangri” mentioned before is actually Kang Ok-dong’s hometown. Lee Dong-seok were surprised because they thought their hometown is Jeju. Kang Ok-dong then insisted on having jjajangmyeon. Seeing Kang Ok-dong smiling kindly at a dog on the road, Lee Dong-seok felt unfamiliar. In the end, he decided to take Kang Ok-dong to Madang-ri even though it had become a reservoir. Lee Dong-seok spent more time with his mother.

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Kim Hye-ja and Lee Byung-hun’s acting boosted the viewers’ immersion in the story. Kim Hye-ja portrayed Kang Ok-dong, who has been on her son’s side all her life. Although she is a quite and unfriendly mother, she watches her son Lee Dong-seok closely. The way Kim Hye-ja expressed Kang Ok-dong’s sincerity and stubborn desire to be with her son touched the small screen viewers. Lee Byung-hun also drew admiration by playing Lee Dong-seok, who resolved their love-hate relationship by listening to Kang Ok-dong and trying to do everything she wants. Lee Byung-hun transformed into Lee Dong-seok, who showed warmth in his rough appearance, and attracted the viewers with their mother and son story.

Our Blues

At the end of the broadcast, the image of the two going to Madangri, Kang Ok-dong’s hometown, and Hallasan Mountain in jeju was captured in the teaser video for the final episode, arousing the viewer’ curiosity for the last story. The sad and touching final episode of “Our Blues” will air at 9:10 p.m on June 12th.

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