Lyricist Kim Eana confirms she’s working with BTS’s V in preparation for his solo debut album


BTS’s V is revealed to be working on his 1st solo album with famous lyricist Kim Eana. 

Recently, during her guest appearance on the chat show “Radio Star“, famous Lyricist Kim Eana revealed she has been working with BTS’s V on his upcoming solo album. 


She said, “V asked to work with me through Park Hyo Shin. Before that, Park Hyo Shin asked me, ‘Can you give Taehyung your phone number?’ I wondered if he meant V of BTS and had to confirm again. I was surprised and didn’t understand why V wanted to contact me. Later I found out that he was preparing for his solo debut album, and I also received a few demos of his new songs.”

BTS V thumbnail

Kim Eana went on to reveal that V is very serious when it comes to work and passionate about music, “Every time V and Park Hyo Shin meet, they only talk about music. They often play and sing together.”

Kim Eana is a famous K-pop lyricist who has worked with IU, Taeyeon, VIXX, Brown Eyed Girls, Park Hyo Shin. Her working with V raises even more expectations for his solo debut album. 

Kim Eana

Meanwhile, BTS members recently announced their plans to take a temporary break from group activities in order to focus on individual careers. Starting from J-Hope, each member will release a solo album. 



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