Lisa (BLACKPINK) to appear in the documentary of BVLGARI –  “Inside The Dream”

Lisa (BLACKPINK) to appear in the documentary of BVLGARI -  "Inside The Dream"

Not only Lisa (BLACKPINK), but “Spider-Man’s girlfriend” Zendaya and a series of influential beauties in the fashion world also appeared in the documentary about the high-end jewelry line “Inside The Dream”.

On September 11, the documentary Inside The Dream suddenly changed the poster and updated the cast information on the Prime Video platform. Fans quickly discovered the presence of Lisa (BLACKPINK). This is also the world’s first documentary about the behind-the-scenes of high-end jewelry. The film was also released.

Lisa Inside The Dream
Lisa and a series of beauties including Lily, Zendaya, Priyanka, Chiara, Lucia will appear in this documentary

Produced by an independent French studio – Terminal 9 Studios, the film follows the journey of creating one of the world’s most expensive jewelry sets – Magnifica by fashion house BVLGARI – the brand for which Lisa is the Global Brand Ambassador. Accompanying Lisa in the film were star Zendaya, gem creator Lucia Silvestri and a series of artists who had the opportunity to wear Magnifica jewelry.

Lisa Inside The Dream
Lisa impresses the audience with her admirable figure and confident demeanor

The video is widely spread

Before that, Lisa used to surprise the world’s jewelry followers by receiving great treatment from BVLGARI. To introduce the Magnifica jewelry collection exhibition, BVLGARI invited Lisa to wear the necklace that is the “nail design” of the collection. It is Mediterranean Queen, which uses 5 Paraiba tablets weighing a total of 473.82 carats and took 2,400 hours to craft.

Lisa’s luxurious image when wearing the expensive necklace

Lisa has always been admired by the public for her successful personal career. Not only achieved success with her solo album LALISA and won the prestigious MTV Video Music Awards 2022’s Best K-Pop award (VMAs 2022), she also showed her impact in the fashion world.

BLACKPINK thumbnail
BLACKPINK’s global reputation is expected to increase even more because on September 16, the 4 girls will return to the K-Pop race with the 2nd studio album Born Pink and the title song Shut Down.


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