Lisa And Jisoo Have A Private Meal With Taeyang, Predicting A Collaboration Between BLACKPINK And BIGBANG?


YG Family fans are excited by the image of Taeyang (BIGBANG) gathering with Lisa, Jisoo (BLACKPINK).

YG used to be called YG Family because the artists were always close to each other like family. From work to real life, YG idols always support each other and maintain a close relationship.

Recently, netizens are spreading the picture of Taeyang (BIGBANG), Jisoo and Lisa (BLACKPINK) hanging out together. 3 YG artists dressed simply, wearing masks to cover their faces, but it can be seen that all 3 were extremely happy and comfortable. Lisa also stood next to Taeyang and had a lovely pose. Although they rarely collaborate or work in the same generation, BIGBANG and BLACKPINK have maintained a close relationship.

blackpink bigbang taeyang
Taeyang, Lisa, and Jisoo went out to eat at a luxurious restaurant. Taeyang and Lisa stood next to each other. Fans are extremely excited and looking forward to some unexpected collaboration

BIGBANG and BLACKPINK are quite close to each other despite coming from two different K-pop generations. Both BLACKPINK Jennie and Rosé used to collaborate with G-Dragon before their debut. In early 2021, Jennie became G-Dragon’s girlfriend. However, rumors are saying that the two have separated recently.

The relationship between Jennie and G-Dragon used to be the talk of town.

At the fairy wedding of Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin in 2018, all 4 members of BLACKPINK came to congratulate the seniors. BLACKPINK members attended BIGBANG’s concert, and they even performed the opening act for Taeyang’s concert in Japan.

Jennie and Rosé used to collaborate with G-Dragon. Jennie is also said to be the girlfriend of the “King of Kpop”.
BLACKPINK at Taeyang’s wedding in 2018
blackpink bigbang taeyang
The group even sang the opening song at Taeyang’s Japanese concert
blackpink bigbang taeyang
BLACKPINK also comfortably teases their seniors when sitting together at music award ceremonies.


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