Let’s take a look at BTS RM’s cool fashion collection in celebration of his birthday

Let’s take a look at BTS RM’s cool fashion collection in celebration of his birthday

RM (Kim Nam-joon) of BTS, the boy group that dyes the world with purple color, celebrates his birthday today (September 29th).

Apart from being the leader and main rapper of BTS, RM is also the “brain” of the team. Speaking English fluently, he is in charge of delivering messages to overseas fans during BTS’s U.S tours, in interviews, and at awards ceremonies. He once appeared on tvN’s “Problematic Men(The Brainiacs)” and proved himself as a representative idol with a “sexy brain” following Park Kyung.

However, RM is known to have various nicknames that are somewhat opposite to his smart appearance, such as “the destructor”, “king of damage”, “god of damage”, etc. RM attracts fans with his ordinary side with unexpected clumsiness, such as breaking stage equipment, costumes, and props, and losing his Bluetooth earphones several times and also his passport while traveling. 

Known as an art lover, RM often visits exhibitions and museums. He has recently attracted netizens’ attention with various art activities. He joined the exhibition as a private collector and participated in doing audio guide voice recordings for exhibitions of Korean modern arts, which were held overseas. In Korea, his influence naturally creates an “RM Tour” in which fans follow RM to the art museums he visited.

Meanwhile, RM’s group BTS will hold the 2030 Busan World EXPO concert at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium on October 15th. 

In celebration of RM’s birthday, Xports News gathered various old photos of RM at public events, recording schedules, airports, etc.

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