Lee Se Young, Park Eun Bin, and all their “acting battles” in the same genre K-dramas 

Lee Se Young, Park Eun Bin, and all their “acting battles” in the same genre K-dramas 

The “rivalry” between same-aged actresses Lee Se Young and Park Eun Bin is drawing attention. 

If netizens often talk about “rivalries” between Kim Yoo Jung – Kim So Hyun and Yoona – Suzy in the past, then Lee Se Young and Park Eun Bin are also drawing attention with their similar careers. Alongside similarities like sharing the same age and both debuting as child actresses, the two turn out to star in similar-genre K-dramas as well, and below are prime examples.  

The Vampire Detective (Lee Se Young) & The Ghost Detective (Park Eun Bin) 

With “Vampire Detective” and “The Ghost Detective”, both Lee Se Young and Park Eun Bin have participated in crime/investigations series with a fantasy twist. If Lee Se Young plays the female lead of “The Vampire Detective” in 2016, then Park Eun Bin starred in “The Ghost Detective” 2 years after. There’s a slight difference, as Lee Se Young is a detective assistant in her work, while Park Eun Bin is the detective herself.

Lee Se Young

“The Ghost Detective” makes for a more intriguing drama, but Lee Se Young’s character actually has more allure. This makes for a tie between these same-aged actresses.

Park Eun Bin

The Red Sleeve (Lee Se Young) & The King’s Affection (Park Eun Bin) 

In the second half of 2021, Lee Se Young and Park Eun Bin starred in historical dramas “The Red Sleeve” and “The King’s Affection”, respectively. The two both delivered stunning performances in their works, leading to both getting nominated for “Best Actress” at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Award. 

the red sleeve

For these two portrayals, if “The Red Sleeve” is more known for its general plot and atmosphere, then “The King’s Affection”s major draw lies in Park Eun Bin’s character – a woman who masquerades as the crown prince.

The King’s Affection

The Law Cafe (Lee Se Young) & Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Park Eun Bin) 

Park Eun Bin recently created a sensation via her role in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, and there’s no denying that Park Eun Bin is the heart and soul of this K-drama. Here, the actress delivers a faithful representation of an autistic lawyer, receiving massive praise from the public and critics alike. 

extraordinary attorney woo

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young had a good start with “The Law Cafe”, playing a gorgeous, talented, yet rather hot-headed and eccentric former lawyer. So far, her character has got much ground to impress, making Park Eun Bin a tough competitor for Lee Se Young to face. 

the law cafe

With “The Law Cafe” already spotting 7.1% viewership ratings, however, the battle is interesting nevertheless. 

Memorist (Lee Se Young) & Operation Proposal (Park Eun Bin) 

While “Memorist” and “Operation Proposal” aren’t the same genre, both Lee Se Young and Park Eun Bin worked together with Yoo Seung Ho in their projects, which aired in 2020 and 2012, respectively. 

Lee Se Young

Despite having less skinship than Park Eun Bin and Yoo Seung Ho in “Operation Proposal”, Lee Se Young and Yoo Seung ho in “Memorist” still managed to boast an intense chemistry. In addition, “Operation Proposal” was released a whole decade ago, so Park Eun Bin hasn’t perfected her acting skills as she does today.

Park Eun Bin

All in all, the two actresses, who were both born in 1992, are neck-to-neck in both acting skills and popularity, making for quite an interesting “rivalry”. It’s impossible to tell who’s better, and so far, let’s anticipate their future works. 

Source: Dienanh


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