Lee Se-young, a reliable partner of ‘The Judge’ Lee Seung-gi!  


“Lee Seung-gi pulls, Lee Se-young pushes~”

In ‘The Law Cafe’, actress Lee Se-young is playing a role as Lee Seung-gi‘s strong partner.

Lee Se-young took on the role of her heroine Kim Yu-ri in the KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama ‘The Law Cafe’, which was first broadcast on September 5th.

‘The Law Cafe’ is a drama about Kim Jeong-ho (Lee Seung-gi), a former prosecutor, and Kim Yu-ri (Lee Se-young), a tenant of a 4D lawyer.

The drama has garnered a lot of attention from viewers even before its broadcast. This is Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young’s first reunion after 4 years since the tvN drama ‘The Korean Odyssey’. In addition, expectations were added for Lee Seung-gi’s return to KBS after 16 years after ‘The Famous Chil Princess’ and Lee Se-young’s return to KBS after 5 years after ‘Hit The Top’.

This year’s KBS comeback of the two was successful at first. The first episode of ‘The Law Cafe’ recorded a rating of 7.1% (Nielsen Korea, hereinafter the same standard). The second episode’s ratings fell slightly, but still recorded 6.6%. This is the highest rating among the first episodes of all KBS Monday-Tuesday dramas aired in 2022 with  ‘Crazy Love’ (3.4%), ‘Bloody Heart’ (6.3%), and ‘Cafe Minamdang’ (5.7%)

From the first episode of ‘The Law Cafe’, Lee Seung-gi’s character of the ‘monster genius’ Kim Jung-ho has received many great responses from viewers thanks to the harmony between his unique comedy and seriousness.

At the same time, Lee Se-young plays the role of the lawyer Kim Yu-ri. Just like her character introduction, her performance in ‘The Law Cafe’ raised the charm of her to the maximum. She seems to be selfish, but she tries her best to help Kim Jeong-ho. She was a ‘just’ lawyer who is always on the side of the weak.

Lee Se-young also completely erased the shadow of Seong Deok-im, who was greatly loved in her previous work, MBC’s ‘The Red Sleeve’. Lee Se-young, who put her elegance ahead, changed her imgae 180 degrees in ‘The Law Cafe’. The transformation of her acting from an elegant lady to a dynamic, young modern lawyer receives a lot of compliments from viewers.

Lee Se-young’s chemistry with Lee Seung-gi also captivated viewers’ attention. She has succeeded in bringing her character to life and becoming the most important factor of the Monday-Tuesday drama.

Source: daum


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