Lee Kyung-young again? The sex offender is now a prolific actor, and the viewers’ inconvenience is none of his business?


Lee Kyung-young, who disappeared after being found guilty in a minor prostitution case, has returned and is appearing in “Why Her?” and “Doctor Lawyer” at the same time.

Actor Lee Kyung-young, who was suspended from appearing on terrestrial networks due to a prostitution scandal involving a minor, has returned after 3 years and is acting as a prolific actor. Not just an SBS Friday-Saturday drama, he is also starring in an MBC drama at the same time. However, the viewers are showing a not very positive reaction to the work where Lee Kyung-young appears as a villain, and the public’s impression of him as a “sex offender” is still very negative. 

Lee Kyung-young is appearing on SBS’ “Why Her?” and MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer,” which first aired on Jun 3rd. In other words, after Lim Soo-hyang’s overlapping appearance on SBS’ “From Today, We Are” and “Doctor Lawyer,” another controversial overlapping appearance follows. 


Above all, Lim Soo-hyang’s position is more understandable as her dramas’ broadcasting days are different and the characters are completely different, but Lee Kyung-young is not only in 2 dramas at the same time slot, but also appears as high-ranking villains in both. It is an inevitable reason for the time slot change due to problems such as production schedules, which the actors or producers cannot avoid, but viewers who see it are bound to be upset. 

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On top of that, the image of Lee Kyung-young itself is also not good. He has been unable to appear on terrestrial dramas since the 2002 sex trafficking scandal, which had caused a stir in society. At that time, he was sentenced to a criminal trial on charges of having sex and providing money to the underage victim, saying, “I will help you become an actor.” 


As a result of the trial, he was found not guilty of statutory rape because he did not know that the victim was a minor, and was sentenced to 10 months in prison, 2 years in probation, and 160 hours of community service. 

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Both the prosecution and Lee Kyung-young’s side gave up the appeal, and the sentence was confirmed. Even though he was “guilty”, he claimed that he was “not guilty”. In an interview with a media outlet in 2012, he said, “I was acquitted by the court and I received an apology from that friend. Anyway, I had nearly 10 years of self-reflection because I couldn’t help but feel sorry for causing concern to my family, my seniors and juniors.” There is absolutely no evidence to prove that he was acquitted in 2004.

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Lee Kyung-young, who showed up in movies and cables somewhat shamelessly, returned to terrestrial dramas through SBS’ drama “Haechi” in 2019, and has been showing off his presence over the past 3 years by appearing in various terrestrial dramas such as “Vagabond”, “Hyena” and “The Veil”.

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Some say that he can be forgiven now because he has been restraining himself for a long time, but sexual offenses against minors are a big crime that cannot be overlooked. Above all, Lee Kyung-young appeared in a movie again in 2005, three years after his sentence, and participated in about 70 films regardless of importance. His self-reflection was only three years, and he was more active than any other actor afterwards.

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As he widened his stage, the nickname “Again Kyung-young” has been spread even on terrestrial broadcasting. Regardless of production companies that cast Lee Kyung-young and his willingness to accept it, viewers still feel uncomfortable watching his works.

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