Lee Jong Suk showed a shocking appearance after the tragic “Big Mouth” finale


Cladded in hot pink, Lee Jong Suk completely stole the spotlight at a recent fashion event 

There’s no denying the insane popularity of Lee Jong Suk in the Korean entertainment industry. Not only does the actor boast a handsome face and an admirable physique, he also starred in various hit K-dramas including “School 2013”, “Pinocchio”, “Doctor Stranger”, “W: Two Worlds”, “I Hear Your Voice”, “While You Were Sleeping”, and most recently, “Big Mouth”. 

Big moth yoona lee jong suk

Despite having ended, the K-drama “Big Mouth” is still riding the hype train, and as its male lead, Lee Jong suk has been the talk of town. Recently, the actor also became a hot topic with his appearance at a fashion show. 

Lee-jong-suk-Valentino Event in Seoul-20221

In particular, on September 21st, Lee Jong Suk appeared in an eye-catching hot pink outfit at a Valentino Event in Seoul. Decked in the iconic pink from top to toe, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the actor was a total scene-stealer. 

From pink sneakers, pants, mini bag, hoodie, to jacket, Lee Jong Suk shined spectacularly among all celebrities guests at the event. The actor also boasted an extremely handsome visual with his long, curled hair.


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