Lee Jong Suk and his famous filmography laying the foundations for his current successes 


These 6 series prove that Lee Jong Suk is both a handsome face and talented actor. 

Pinocchio: 13.6%

An actor who also goes for emotionally complex roles, Lee Jong Suk made a strong impression when he played Choi Dal Po with many losses. Losing his entire family since he was young, Dal Po tried his best to solve the cold case of his family, finding justice for his father. 

lee jong suk

“Pinnocchio” has good content quality, a realistic subject that reflects the impact of news and media on everyday life. The opening rating of the series was 7.8% and gradually climbed to 13.6%. This is an unforgettable work in his career. 

Big Mouth: 13.7%

After returning from the army, Lee Jong Suk continued to conquer the audience with his script choice and role immersion. From the content to the plot development, his character in “Big Mouth” has made a strong mark in the audience’s mind.

Big Mouth

With the opening rating of 6.2% and the final episode reaching 13.7%, netizens have faith that Lee Jong Suk will be a good candidate for this year’s MBC Daesang. It seems that he has once again recorded another achievement as a  lifetime work.

Doctor Stranger: 14.2%

“Doctor Stranger” revolves around the male lead Park Hoon played by Lee Jong Suk, a genius surgeon who was born in South Korea but grew up in North Korea. After meeting and losing his first love, Park Hoon defected to return to Korea and work at a large hospital. His integration in the culture and everyday life in the hospital was marked with countless major events.

doctor stranger

In the series, “Doctor Stranger” suffered low ratings later on but his performance was considerable in the series, causing the rating to rise to 14.2%. Lee Jong Suk’s acting was lauded for its expressiveness.

W: Two Worlds: 15.2%

Among the characters that Lee Jong Suk plays, Kang Chul in “W: Two Worlds”  is probably the best fit for his appearance and image. Because Lee Jong Suk is often compared to the image of a handsome man coming out of a comic book, and the character Kang Chul, an actual male lead in a comic book with undeniable handsomeness, talent and richness, it’s too fitting.

w two worlds

The series is a fantasy drama with promising start but began to drown later on. On the contrary, the chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo made the audience on the edge of their seats until the end. Debuting with 9.9% and the highest record of 15.2% is enough for W to enter the top of Lee Jong Suk’s best series.

School 2013: 17.1%

Go Nam Soon in “School 2013” is the first male lead role in Lee Jong Suk’s career. Set against a school backdrop that reflects its reality, the drama focuses on Lee Jong Suk’s class, a class of outcasts full of lazy students. Go Nam Soon himself is not an outstanding nor  gifted student. Yet He was the class president and went through many things on his own.

school 2013

The most prominent feature in this work is the friendship of Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin. The two went from best friends to enemies and then back to being best friends, which attracts fans the most. “School 2013” once achieved the highest rating of 17.1%, enough to see how great the appeal of this work is.

I Hear Your Voice: 26.2%

The most attractive point in Lee Jong Suk’s career is definitely the character Park Soo Ha and the series “I Hear Your Voice”. Thanks to this role, Lee Jong Suk put his name in the most popular late 80s-born male idol cohort in the Korean filming industry.

Lee Jong Suk

Content quality is the biggest factor that makes “I Hear Your Voice” a sensation, becoming a must-watch of 2013 in Korea. The story focuses on the cases that lack evidence and a male student who has the ability to hear the sounds of others’ hearts following an accident in his childhood. The two seemingly irrelevant themes are combined in a humane, profound and warm fashion. Starting with only 7.8% but the drama increased to 26.2% with the additional 2 episodes compared to the original plan, proving the unmatched success of “I Hear Your Voice” and Lee Jong Suk in 2013.


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