Lee El On Psy’s Water Waste Controversy? “If Only 300 Tons Of Water Were Sprayed On The Soyang River” 


Actress Lee El spoke up on the issue of 300 tons of water being used at a summer concert. 

On June 12th, Lee El wrote on Twitter, “I wish 300 tons of water for the Water Bomb Concert were sprayed on the Soyang River.” What Lee El said refers to the fact that over the past six months, Korea’s precipitation has been only 49.5% of the average year, and unusual weather has occurred across the country, which intensifies the drought situation. 

Lee El

Her remark is also believed to be related to the recent water waste controversy involving Psy. Previously, on May 4th, Psy appeared on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ and talked about his water-soaked summer concert, which was temporarily stopped due to the prolonged pandemic. He revealed, “I use drinkable water. Water is really expensive. It costs about 300 tons per concert.”

This has sparked criticism towards Psy as Korean netizens claim he was wasting water amid a serious drought season and that he could have donated it as agricultural water. The water usage at Psy’s summer concerts is known to be huge as the concept of his show is to spray water from all sides throughout the performance for the audience to get soaking wet. Psy’s concert is scheduled to be from August 9th to 27th, and it will take place over 7 weeks, with shows held every weekend.

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Netizens all agreed with Lee El’s remarks, leaving comments such as “You’re right”, “Let’s just hold a concert in the Soyang River”, and “Stop wasting drinkable water”, etc.

Source: Nate


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