Lee Da Hae, who is in a longtime relationship with Se7en, was once rumored to be dating Li Yifeng

Lee Da Hae, who is in a longtime relationship with Se7en, was once rumored to be dating Li Yifeng

Li Yifeng and Se7en, Lee Da Hae’s rumored ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend share a similarity, but not in a positive way. 

Amid shocking news of Chinese actor Li Yifeng being detained for soliciting prostitution, Korean actress Lee Da Hae, who was once rumored to be dating Li Yifeng, is suddenly mentioned by many netizens. This is because Lee Da Hae’s rumored ex-boyfriend Li Yifeng and current boyfriend, single Se7en, are both involved in sex-related scandals. 

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In 2014, Li Yifeng hinted at his relationship with Lee Da Hae on the show “Happy Camp”. He revealed, “I dated a Korean woman before, but we broke up.” Li Yifeng was said to have such a hard time moving on from this breakup that he did not want to even eat or drink.

The Korean woman in question was rumored to be Lee Da Hae. In 2012, they worked together in the Chinese drama “Love Recipe”. Li Yifeng was rumored to fly to Seoul in 2015 to celebrate Lee Da Hae’s birthday. 

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However, later that year, Lee Da Hae’s agency denied the rumor, saying it was completely groundless. She reportedly started dating Se7en in the same year and their relationship was confirmed in 2016. 

On September 10, the Beijing police issued an official notice that Li Yifeng had been arrested for soliciting sex workers multiple times. In an official Weibo post, the police confirmed that the actor had confessed to visiting prostitutes on multiple occasions. He is now at risk of being imprisoned and blacklisted from the entertainment industry.  

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Meanwhile, in 2013, during his military enlistment, Lee Da Hae’s current boyfriend, Se7en, was embroiled in a huge controversy as he was caught visiting a massage parlor while still on duty. He was suspected of receiving sex service at the parlor, which he denied in 2016, saying he only had a normal massage done by a blind masseuse.


Overcoming the controversy and the public’s negative opinions, Se7en and Lee Da Hae are still happily dating. The two have been together for 7 years and are predicted to tie the knot soon. 


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