Leader RM’s position on BTS’ disbandment rumors


RM spoke directly about BTS’ disbandment rumors.

On June 16th, RM left a long message through the fan community Weverse, saying, “I’ve received the most messages/calls since my debut after the video was uploaded.” RM confessed, “There were many provocative and cross-sectional keywords such as disbandment and declaration of suspension of activities. It’s not that I didn’t know this would happen and it’s not that I wasn’t prepared, but it’s still very bitter.”

BTS' disbandment rumors

RM continued, “It was a video dedicated to all the ARMYs who have been with us for the past 9 years, both in terms of the occasional content format of ‘BTS Get-together’ and the symbolism of the broadcast date itself.”


At the same time, RM insisted that what they really wanted to say was the fact that now is not the end. RM said, “It wasn’t like we wanted people to leave their opinions after watching the entire video where we were crying and being emotional. The courage to want to be honest always seems to cause unnecessary misunderstandings and anger.”


RM, who has always talked openly about BTS’ long-term future, shared, “I can’t say we didn’t have our disagreements or we didn’t sulk, but I believe it’s just a process of trial and error as we started social life from a young age in our teens and 20s and matured into adults.” Finally, RM promised, “I’m grateful to everyone who sends me great support, love and energy, whether from afar or near. I’ll work hard to show you good sides whether as a team or as an individual in the future.”

Previously, on BTS’ official YouTube channel, the “BTS Get-together” content was released in which RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook opened up their hearts while drinking. Here, the members expressed their intention to focus on individual activities for the time being for personal growth. They even shed tears at the end of the video.


After that, as BTS’ temporary suspension and disbandment rumors began to spread, their agency HYBE said, “The artists’ messages delivered through the ‘BTS Get-together’ content is that they want to expand the scope of their activities more diversely by combining team activities and individual activities for their continuous growth and maturity in the future.” HYBE added, “BTS members are not considering disbanding the group at all, and there is also no plan for group disbandment.”

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