Kpop Idols Who Have The Funniest Way Of Setting Alarms


K-pop idols always appear with their best looks. But they also have a funny side that even fans can’t expect.

Recently when sharing about her daily routine, Jennie revealed how she sets the alarm. Every day she would be called by her manager to make sure she was awake. And if she doesn’t want to receive such calls early in the morning, the female idol must always remember to set the alarm. The most effective way this female idol uses is to set her iPhone’s default ringtone because it gives her goosebumps.

jennie alarm
Jennie shows off how to set her alarm
blackpink jennie alarm
Fans enjoy having a “cheap moment” with their idol
blackpink jennie alarm
She sets an alarm that rings once every 10 minutes.

It is worth mentioning that when Jennie showed off her alarm application screen, it turned out to be very familiar to us. Accordingly, Jennie has pre-set a single alarm for every hour of the day with an interval of 10 minutes. “I don’t set a different time everyday, but choose the time instead. So if I have to go out at 1, I will set it at 11, 11:10, 11:20, 11:30”. And it is very commendable that the BLACKPINK member often got up after the first alarm.

jennie house
Jennie woke up at the first alarm instead of continuing to sleep.

Minhee (CRAVITY) is truly a Gen Z idol with his way of setting alarm clocks. On a variety show, the male idol revealed the alarm clock he had set before his exam. He also uses the familiar clock application of Iphone. It is worth mentioning that the idol born in 2002 set a series of alarms from 5:50 to 6:20 am, only 10 minutes apart from each one. This story received a lot of sympathy from Gen Z K-pop fans on SNS. It turns out that idols also have cute everyday moments like this.

cravity minhee alarm
Minhee set the alarm before his exam. (Photo: Naver)
cravity minhee alarm
The male idol set many alarms to wake up in the morning. (Photo: Naver)
cravity minhee
Many Gen Z fans were familiar to Minhee’s way of setting alarms because they also did that. (Photo: Twitter Shinning Touch)

Sehun is probably the funniest case in all of the idols that used to show fans their way of setting an alarm clock. On a livestream, Sehun was told he had to go to work at 8 o’clock. However, instead of waking up before 8, the EXO member decided to set his alarm at 8:25.

exo sehun alarm
Sehun had to go to work at 8 but set the alarm 25 minutes later. (Photo: FB Funny Translation Shop)
EXO Sehun
He was 25 minutes late for work but he didn’t care. (Photo: Pinterest)
EXO Sehun
Sehun has long been known for his jovial, cheerful personality. (Photo: Pinterest)

Through these moments, many K-pop fans realize that idols also have very personal and close moments, and having a “cheap moment” with them has never been so easy.


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