Kpop idols vs their own life-size standees: can real-life idols overwhelm their edited photos?


Many Kpop idols managed to surpassed the visuals on their own standees, even making cute interactions with those. 

With their outstanding appearances, Kpop idols are often offered commercials, and accordingly made into life-size standees. As these standees have been edited, there is quite the difference between them and the real deal, leading to hilarious “meetings”.

Kpop idols vs their own standees

Winter (aespa)

Recently, a photo of aespa Winter next to her life-size poster went viral across the net. Next to the edited version of herself, Winter exuded a completely different vibe. In particular, the poster version of Winter looked bold and rebellious, and was adjusted to become slimmer. Meanwhile, the real Winter flaunted adorable chubby cheeks and the cutest expression.

Cute real Winter vs warrior poster Winter.
Even Winter looked perplexed at her poster 

Yoona (SNSD)

As one of the top visual goddesses of Kpop, Yoona’s beauty has never disappointed. In fact, next to her high-edited standee, Yoona looked even more outstanding with a happy smile and super fair skin. The standee, though, stood a little higher due to photoshop. 

Yoona looked even prettier than her standee


In the cast of Suzy, netizens struggled to find the difference between real Suzy and standee Suzy, seeing that both looked drop-dead gorgeous. Boasting the brightest smile, Suy even carried a chic pair of sunglasses to match with her standee. 

There was no difference between real-life Suzy and printed Suzy 
The “nation’s first love” flaunted her outstanding beauty and physique that lose to none. 

Jungkook (BTS)

As the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook has a rather playful personality. Alongside his talent, the male idol is also recognized for his spectacular visuals that easily compete with his own standee. Next to the life-size printout of himself, Jungkook not only looked dashing, but also made a quite creative pose. It seemed that the BTS member enjoyed the sight perfectly. 

Jungkook’s funny expression when posing next to his standee.
bts jungkook
Jungkook is getting more and more mature and handsome

Seolhyun (AOA)

Seolhyun is known for her legendary side posture. Many billboards used this picture of her. Seolhyun got the chance to take a picture with her own standee while attending a TV show. Worth mentioning that the female idol looks no different from her beautiful standee.

Seolhyun and her promotional photo were no different, surprising the audience.
Another time, Seolhyun also stood next to her own promotional photo, making fans admire.

Hani (EXID)

As the “fancam queen”, Hani possesses top-notch visuals with a perfect body. During a fansign, Hani caused a stir when standing next to her own promotional photo.

Hani inherently attracts attention with her sexy body
Hani took a photo with her standee


Jisoo got encouragement from BLACKPINK members, fashion brands, and fans when she made her acting debut. There were a lot of coffee and food trucks delivered to the filming site. Jisoo took many photos with these food trucks to show her appreciation to the supporters. She was praised frequently for looking stunning, precisely like in the posters.

Jisoo took a photo next to the promotional photos at the filming set.
Put on light makeup but Jisoo is still extremely pretty.


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