Kim Yu-na X Kang Daniel X Ahn Yu-jin show off an unexpected and refreshing harmony with “MOVE LIKE THIS”


Kim Yu-na, Kang Daniel and IVE Yu-jin come together for the song “MOVE LIKE THIS”.

Former figure skaters Kim Yu-na, singers Kang Daniel, and IVE Ahn Yu-jin came together to release the song and music video for ‘MOVE LIKE THIS’ at 6 p.m. on June 20th. This is part of the 2022 Gatorade Campaign, in which artists of various genres work together to release new music.

“MOVE LIKE THIS” contains a confident and hopeful message that “if you work hard passionately for the future you dream of, you will be able to achieve what you want and desire.”

Move Like This

The song begins with Kang Daniel’s voice, “You just need to move as you feel, the sweat running through your face, it’s worth it. Even if your heart is out of breath, It’s alright, let’s just keep on moving.”

Kim Yu-na, who has a singing ability as much as a singer, continues with her part, saying, “The road in front of you becomes clearer and the voice in your heart grows louder. Takes a step further, we never stop.”

Move Like This

Ahn Yu-jin leads the chorus of the song, singing “We can fuel it, until it’s overflowing from head to toe. I’ll run one more time and do my best so let’s just keep on movin’”

The lyrics truly resonate with the image of people re-challenging every day, enjoying the sweat and confidence that no one else can replace, and singing about their tireless passion

Move Like This

The trio then harmonizes in the addictive chorus part, “Yeah we move like, move, move like this yeah, as your whole body leads you ahead.”

The combination of Kim Yu-na and Ahn Yu-jin’s refreshing and cool tones, as well as Kang Daniel’s soft and husky voice provides refreshing energy, even in the summer when the heat can be exhausting.

Move Like This

In addition, the music video brings even more joy with the youthful visual reminiscent of a sports drama.

Source: Daum


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