Kim Young-dae ♥ Lee Sung-kyung, Dating Rumors Will Be Raised Soon At This Rate… Sweet “Kkongbyul Couple”


Actor Kim Young-dae shared his thoughts on the end of tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Sh**ting Stars” and released a sweet two-shot with Lee Sung-kyung.

On June 12th, Kim Young-dae posted a photo on his Instagram along with the caption saying, “Han-byul and Tae-sung were happy. Thank you so much to everyone who has loved Sh**ting Stars so far. Thank you.”

In the photo, Kim Young-dae and Lee Sung-kyung are smiling brightly with the sea as the background. They create a sweet atmosphere by facing each other like a real couple.

Meanwhile, in “Shooting Stars“, Kim Young-dae took on the role of top star Gong Tae-sung and acted as a couple with Lee Sung-kyung, who played Oh Han-byul, the head of Star Force Entertainment’s public relations department. The two received a lot of love as “Kkongbyul Couple“.

Shooting Stars

“Shooting Stars” ended on June 11th with episode 16. In the final episode, Oh Han-byul (Lee Sung-kyung) and Gong Tae-sung (Kim Young-dae) struggled to meet each other while avoiding the public eye. In particular, the two, who went on a couple trip to Jeju Island, were unable to even eat comfortably, causing regret. However, through this process, the two confirmed their love for each other, put an end to their eccentric romance, declared their love and marked a pink ending.

Shooting Stars

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