Kim Sun-ho and Ji-soo won the Male/Female Acting Award, Lim Young-woong won the OST, English work “Help” won triple crowns [Seoul Drama Awards]


Actor Kim Sun-ho and BLACKPINK Ji-soo became the winner of the Male/Female Acting award, while the U.K’s “Help” won a total of three awards including the Grand Prize.

“Seoul Drama Awards” is an international drama festival that presents awards to winners selected from dramas around the world. It marked its 17th anniversary this year since it was first held in 2006, and the awards ceremony was held offline for the first time after three years due to the pandemic.

225 works from 39 countries/regions around the world were submitted to the “Seoul Drama Awards 2022” international competition category, and a total of 24 works from 11 countries/regions and 30 candidates for individual awards were selected. The international competition section consists of three categories: ▲ short films ▲ mini-series ▲ long films.

In addition to the international competition category, there were also winners in various categories, including the Korean Wave Drama Award, the Male and Female Acting Award, the OST Award, and the Asian Star Award in the international invitation category. Among them, the Male and Female Acting Award, the OST Award, and the Asian Star Award were selected only through votes from Hallyu fans around the world. 

On this day, the honor of the Writer Award in the international competition category went to Han Hee-jung, writer of KBS 2TV’s “The King’s Affection.” Due to personal reasons of writer Han Hee-jung, the trophy was received by Yoon Jae-hyuk, CP of KBS Drama Center, who was the responsible producer of “The King’s Affection.”

Singer and actor Kang Daniel, who appeared in Disney+’s “Rookie Cops,” won the Asian Star Award, which was selected by votes from Hallyu fans around the world. Along with him, Wallace Chung (China), Yagi Yusei (Japan), Krit Amnuaydechkorn (Thailand), Belle Mariano (the Philippines), and Alice Ko (Taiwan) were named.

The Seoul Business Agency award went to SBS’s “Our Beloved Summer.” The Excellence Award in the Korean Wave drama category was won by MBC’s “The Red Sleeve” and Netflix’s original “All Of Us Are Dead.” 

Kim Seon-ho and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo won the Best Acting Award in the Korean Wave drama category, which was selected 100% by votes. Kim Sun-ho, who appeared on the cable channel tvN’s “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, boasted his popularity by receiving more than a majority of the votes with 53.4%. Ji-soo, who played Eun Young-ro in channel JTBC’s “snowdrop,” also topped the list with 41.6% of the votes.

Both were absent due to their schedules, however, Kim Sun-ho and Jisoo expressed their feelings through VCR.

First of all, Kim Seon Ho said, “This award is given to not only me but also to all the staff, actors, and directors who worked so hard for our drama. Thanks to everyone who supports us. I’m here as an actor and I think our drama shines bright. I will work harder to become a better actor. I sincerely thank you and I love you a lot.”

Jisoo also said, ““It is a great honor for me to receive such a great award. It’s a shame that I couldn’t attend because of my schedule, so I greet you through this video. I am happy to receive the award, and thank you to everyone who loved the drama and Young Ro. I will try my best to show you good performances in the future.”

Outstanding Korean OST, which was also selected by 100% votes without evaluation by the judges, went to Lim Young Woong, who sang “Love Always Runs Away” for KBS 2TV’s “Young Lady and Gentleman”. Lim Young Woong, who secured 59.53% of the votes, proved his immense influence and the huge scale of his fanbase. 

Unfortunately, Young-woong Lim was unable to attend due to schedule, and delivered a speech via VCR, where he thanked production crew and all cast members of “Young Lady and Gentleman”. At the same time, he also thanked his fans who made the award possible, expressed his gratitude and wished that they would stay healthy and happy. 

Meanwhile, the UK’s “Help” won a total of three awards, including the Grand Prize in the International Category, followed by Best Actress (Jodie Corner) and Best Actor (Stephen Graham) in the International Category. “Help” tells the story of Sarah (Jodie Comer), who works at a nursing home in Liverpool, as the coronavirus pandemic hits.

Producer Alessandro Kazamia first thanked the writer, director, and actor, and then said, “Thank you for recognizing how important this story is. Thank you to the caregivers who shared many stories and helped out during this time. Everyone. I give this honor to you.”

The list of winners at the Seoul Drama Awards 2022 is as below:

  • Grand Prize, International Category: “Help” (UK)
  • Best Actor, International Category: Stephen Graham (UK, “Help”)
  • Best Actress, International Category: Jodie Comer (UK, “Help”)
  • Best Screenwriter, International Category: Han Hee Jung (Korea, “The King’s Affection”)
  • Best Director, International Category: Akim Isker (France, “Nobody’s Child”)
  • Best Serial Drama, International Category: “Destan” (Turkey), “Hidden Truth” (Turkey)
  • Best Mini-series, International Category: “The Last Summers of the Raspberries” (Canada), “Anne” (Hong Kong)
  • Best TV Movie, International Category: “Nobody’s Child” (France), “Take Me Home” (Germany)
  • Jury’s Special Prize, International Category: “The World Stands Still” (Germany)
  • Outstanding Korean Drama: “The Red Sleeve”, “All Of Us Are Dead”
  • Outstanding Korean Actor: Kim Seon Ho (“Hometown Cha Cha Cha”)
  • Outstanding Korean Actress: Jisoo (Snowdrop)
  • Outstanding Korean OST: Lim Young-woong’s “Love Always Runs Away” (“Young Lady and Gentleman”)
  • Outstanding K-pop idol: Kang Daniel (“Rookie Cops”)
  • Outstanding Asian Star Prize: Wallace Chung (China, “Because of Love”), Yusei Yagi (Japan, “My Beautiful Man”), Belle Mariano (Philippines, “He’s Into Her”), Alice Ko (Taiwan, “Rainless Love in a Godless Land”), Krit Amnuaydechkorn (Thailand, “Promise You The Moon”)
  • Seoul Business Agency Prize: “Our Beloved Summer” (Korea)

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