Kim Soyeon And Lee Sangwoo Are Caught Being Affectionate, The Height Difference That Makes Everyone’s Heart Flutter


Actress Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo are caught being lovey-dovey with each other.

On Jun 13th, Kim So-yeon posted a picture on her Instagram.

The photo posted showed Kim So-yeon, who is filming an advertisement, and her husband Lee Sang-woo. The couple showed a sweet atmosphere while taking selfies during their break.

Lee Sang-woo and Kim So-yeon woke up everyone’s love cells by showing their adorable height difference. In particular, reliable Lee Sang-woo lit up the excitement by hugging Kim So-yeon from behind. From a distance, they looked so picture-perfect, but the result taken up close was not so beautiful that it drew laughter.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang-woo and Kim So-yeon got married in 2017.

kim so yeon instagram

Source: naver


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